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UN Climate Summit 2014: did David Cameron feel our love?

On Sunday 40,000 people marched in London -- nearly 700,000 around the world in a record-breaking show of support for world leaders to take greater action on climate change for the good of the things we love.  It set the scene for the UN Climate Summit in New York, where David Cameron and other Presidents and Prime Ministers would speak.

There were powerful speeches at the summit from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, actor Leonardo DiCaprio -- and an emotional call to action from Marshall Islands poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, with a poem about climate change for the love of her six-month-old daughter.  

Our Chair, Neil Thorns was at the summit - and blogged about his time there

What did our Prime Minister say?


Overall it was positive:

We welcome David Cameron participating in the Summit -- it's important, not all world leaders did -- and his recognition of how important an issue climate change is and how it's connected to many other issues.

He repeated his strong support for a binding global deal to tackle climate change -- and the need to sign that deal at the landmark global meeting that's taking place in Paris in December next year.  This is the big agreement the world needs.

But to get there, we need an agreement in Europe first.  It was especially important to see the PM's commitment to ensuring the EU agrees a climate target of reducing greenhouse gases by at least 40% by 2030.  This is the absolute minimum if Europe is going to continue leading the way towards next year's global climate deal.

He also committed to phasing out fossil fuel subsidies and championing green technology: this is the kind of constructive action we need. But we need to look beyond shale gas to other truly sustainable solutions.

What do we want to see next?

This week's Climate Summit was just one step along the road to a united, ambitious global effort to tackle climate change.  We will be looking to the Prime Minister to build on the momentum from the UN summit and to show serious leadership on climate change at home and on the international stage.

His first test will be getting other countries on board in the lead up to a critical European Council meeting this Autumn where EU leaders will decide on the joint climate targets they take to the negotiations in Paris next year.

We also want to see David Cameron pledge the UK's fair share of the Green Climate Fund by November, ahead of the UN climate summit in Lima.

We'll be there every step of the way, reminding the Prime Minister and all political parties of the importance of delivering real, ambitious action -- to protect the things we all love.

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